Wood is an amazing, naturally produced material with uses that stretch as far as your imagination can take you. Of course, as with any material, the treatment and protection used to preserve the wood is of the utmost importance in creating a long-lasting, durable material that can be used for almost anything.

Treatment Types

Treated wood poles, depending on their size and treatment, have varying uses. Certain applications require certain degrees of treatment. Using the correct pole for the correct job will guarantee a finish that is durable and long-lasting. CCA and creosote treatments are the most commonly used processes and result in a finished product that can endure time and harsh weather conditions.

Wood Is Best In More Cases Than You Think

Whether you are looking for treated wood poles for use in a personal capacity at your home or in a commercial capacity in your workplace you are guaranteed to find an appropriate products. The next time you take that casual and relaxing Sunday drive, wind down you window and really look. Wood poles are everywhere. The town or city you live in uses them as utility poles because of their durable and robust nature. They are a cost-effective solution for this particular purpose.

Perhaps you are considering installing a boundary fence around your home? Wooden poles that have been treated allow you to achieve the perfect results without leaving your home feeling like a prison. Although they provide you with posts from which your chosen fence will hang, they are aesthetically pleasing and provide your home with a rustic feel.

Building a treehouse with your young ones? Poles made of treated wood are perfect for a solid framework and foundation and even better, they blend in with the surroundings.

Wood is so much more than the trees you pass each day on the way to work. It is a material that can be molded and whittled into whatever your heart desires. Creativity knows no limits. Wooden poles provide both a functional and a creative outlet and there aren’t too many materials you can say that about.